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The purpose of the Twin Cities Catholic Chorale is to sing the great repertory of Latin Masses composed for the liturgy within the context of the Roman Catholic Latin High Mass. The current repertory includes Masses from the treasury of Catholic church music of the eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth centuries with orchestral and organ accompaniment. The Chorale sees as its purpose to lift its voices in the glorification of God in order to inspire the faithful in its worship of God. A prayerful participation in Mass for both the choir and the congregation is always at the center of the Chorale’s activity. This program of orchestral Masses sung as a part of the liturgy is unique in the United States.

The choir of some 65 volunteer singers performs Masses by composers such as Joseph Haydn, Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven, Dvorak, Gounod, Cherubini, Rheinberger and Herzogenberg with professional instrumentalists at the 10 a.m. Latin High Mass at The Church of Saint Agnes in St. Paul, MN from October to early June, except during Advent and Lent. Please consult the schedule of the Chorale posted on this web site.

The Chorale began this program in 1974 and is currently in its 44th season. The choir was founded by Monsignor Richard J. Schuler in 1956 and is now directed by Dr. Robert L. Peterson. Mary E. LeVoir is the organist. Professional soloists are: Patricia Kent, soprano; Jocelyn Kalajian, contralto; John deCausmeaker, tenor, and Jon Nordstrom, bass.

At the Sunday High Mass, the Saint Agnes Schola Cantorum, under the direction of Paul W. LeVoir sings the Proper of the Mass in Gregorian chant. During Advent, Lent and the summer months, the Scola Cantorum also sings the chant Ordinary of the Mass.

The architecture of the Church of Saint Agnes in the Baroque style is ideally suited to the music of Mozart, Haydn, Schubert and Beethoven. It is modeled on Kloster Schlaegel, a monastery near Aigen, Austria. The parish was founded by Austrian and Bavarian immigrants.

The Chorale is a non profit organization that relies on the support of the Friends of the Chorale to carry out its mission. Although the Chorale members are volunteers, the instrumentalists and vocal soloists are professionals.

Photo Galleries of The TCCC and Saint Agnes!

Patronal Feast of Saint Agnes, 2012

Corpus Christi Procession

View Behind the Painting: Memories of Monsignor Richard J. Schuler

Book cover features a painting of Monsignor by Christiopher FooteThis 80 page book containing fond remembrances of Monsignor Richard J. Schuler is written by present and former members of the Chorale and members of the Orchestra. It contains many photographs of Monsignor Schuler, Founding Director of the Twin Cities Catholic Chorale and former pastor of the Church of St. Agnes in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and the book cover features a painting of Monsignor by Christopher Foote.

This book can be viewed and printed by clicking here.

For further information, please contact Lois Berens, President of the Twin Cities Catholic Chorale at berenslois@gmail.com.


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